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We believe that improved education and leadership skills will give youths the ability to gain economic independence such that community can thrive positively

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The growth that we seek largely depends on our efforts and contribution to education and human development

Welcome to Jubilant Ambassador's (J-AMB) Foundation

Jubilant ambassadors foundation  is a change driven non-governmental organization targeted to the youths of this country (Nigeria) with the sole aim of positively influencing them and bringing them to their full potential hereby helping them attain a stable, Godly and a healthy mindset which would be so evident in character, learning, decision making and leadership. The innovative quest to raise jubilant ambassadors nationwide has long begun and is still looking forward to raise a community of leaders who would pioneer the movement of making this country the envy of many nations

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The 2019 Youths in Leadership Seminar

Beyond reasonable doubts, Nigeria as a country in the continent of Africa is one that is blessed in all ramifications ranging from natural/mineral resources and labour which are basic forms of natural enterprising advantages but yet still lags in economical and financial power which is influenced by poor politics and ill-governance that contribute to the continuous retardation of development.


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