Beyond reasonable doubts, Nigeria as a country in the continent of Africa is one that is blessed in all ramifications ranging from natural/mineral resources and labour which are basic forms of natural enterprising advantages but yet still lags in economical and financial power which is influenced by poor politics and ill-governance that contribute to the continuous retardation of development.

For a nation to develop and effectively harness all resources and international relationship capable of national transformation then,the place of human development through education and human capital events cannot be over emphasized as they have proven to be a catalyst for change and transformation.

Indeed politics and governance are suitable for transformation if facilitated and propelled by great minds whom over time have subjected themselves to teachings and developmental training that has set their minds to think positively towards transformation. The youths are indeed the driving force to engage for a rapid transformation process as they make over 70% of the labour force of the nation. It is only wise that you train a youth for leadership even as they naturally engage and deploy  all forms of labour.

The jubilant ambassadors YOUTHS IN LEADERSHIP seminar is an annual human capital event hosted in Nigeria for the YOUTHS, this seminar on leadership is organized with the sole aim to re-orientate and inculcate the right cores, values and mindsets of leadership to the youths.Leadership remains a major tool required to achieve cooperate goals and visions in any sector or body of individuals. The extent to which a leader is trained determines the quality of service delivered. Moreover, as long as the Human race exist, the need for quality leadership/leaders can never be overemphasized as a leader’s vision constantly remains the blueprint for work and administration.

Anticipate the reality of this event and envision the possibility of national transformation involving you as the raw element for change!!!