Our Vision

To be a leader in CSR initiatives in Nigeria measured by the impact and sustainability of our projects on our host communities.

Our Mission

This organization aims at bringing youths to their full potential especially the indigent ones, we are on a mission to liberate youths from the shackles of poverty and unemployment by planting in them the seed of entrepreneur and innovation through a variety of programs.
We look forward to train youths who no longer depend fully on the government for survival rather uses their innovation to grow the country’s economy.
Jubilant ambassadors’ foundation also aims at empowering the disabled youths by training their minds which is believed to be their most powerful/resourceful asset possessed by them, we look forward to give them an able mind which would elevate them from their present statuesque.
The mission of this organization is destined for the youths with a singular vision to use them as agents of transformation/Reformation long agitated for by all and sundry. We believe that out of the various fractions of labour, the youth’s remains the fraction with enough enthusiasm and strength which if channeled positively could be a tremendous/rewarding asset ever possessed by a nation.

We look forward to train

  • Specialist in various occupation
  • Train youths through vocation and skill
  • Creating an environment of enthusiasm and business innovation.