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The online registration process for the 2018 J-AMB Foundation Ambassadorial Scholarship has commenced. All prospective applicants who have met all stipulated requirement /qualification could apply following the under listed guidelines.
• APPLICANTS of all accredited tertiary institution (polytechnic,university,colleges of education) within Nigeria  whom attained the stipulated JAMB cut of mark for 2018/19 academic session.
• 100level / 200level  students of NUC approved universities offering courses below a five year duration
• 100/200/300level Students of NUC approved universities offering courses within or above a five year duration
• 100 level students of accredited polytechnic/colleges of education


The 2019 Youths in Leadership Seminar

Beyond reasonable doubts, Nigeria as a country in the continent of Africa is one that is blessed in all ramifications ranging from natural/mineral resources and labour which are basic forms of natural enterprising advantages but yet still lags in economical and financial power which is influenced by poor politics and ill-governance that contribute to the continuous retardation of development.

For a nation to develop and effectively harness all resources and international relationship capable of national transformation then,the place of human development through education and human capital events cannot be over emphasized as they have proven to be a catalyst for change and transformation.

Upcoming International Youths Programs We Recommend For You

Youth Leadership Program at GLF Nairobi 2018

Africa’s greatest untapped resource might just be its young people

Currently, those under 25 make up the majority of its population, while projections show that Africa will be home to 1 billion young people by 2050. Africa’s youth have an immense potential to forge a new development model and vision for the continent. Despite deforestation at an estimated 2.8 million hectares lost annually, we view young people as champions for restoration and community-based solutions. The GLF, in partnership with the Youth in Landscapes Initiative, is launching this program to build a community of 100 restoration leaders who will learn to reclaim ownership of their future and succeed in restoring Africa.

UN Conferences That You Can Participate In

Youth delegates can participate in several intergovernmental meetings at the United Nations. Most official youth delegates participate in the General Assembly, but some also attend functional Commissions of the Economic and Social Council.

Youth delegates to the General Assembly

The Third Committee, the arm of the General Assembly that deliberates on Social, Cultural and Humanitarian Issues.Matters that pertain specifically to youth currently fall under the agenda item called “Social development, including questions relating to the world social situation and to youth, ageing, persons with disabilities and the family”. Generally, this agenda item is considered in the Third Committee of the General Assembly during the month of October,