The Jubilant Ambassadors’Scholarship Scheme is a project initiated to assist young undergraduates in their quest for quality education by providing sustainable financial backing funding their basic educational needs. The foundation is out to assist the government as well as other NGOs in increasing the literacy level of the youthsbyeffectively reducing the high percentage of university dropouts.


The jubilant ambassadors YOUTHS IN LEADERSHIP seminar is an annual human capital event hosted in Nigeria for the YOUTHS, This seminar on leadership is organized with the sole aim to re-orientate and inculcate the right cores, values and mindsets of leadership to the youths.Leadership remains a major tool required to achieve cooperate goals and visions in any sector or body of individuals. The extent to which a leader is trained determines the quality of service delivered. Moreover, as long as the Human race exist, the need for quality leadership/leaders can never be overemphasized as a leader’s vision constantly remains the blueprint for work and administration.


The Delegatory domiciliary inter-ethnic tour is a project that brings together two delegates each from the 36 states of the republic of Nigeria in order to enhance the bond, knowledge and unity amongst fellow countrymen and women. Nigeria as a country is rich in diverse culture and tradition as well as various sites that is befitting for tourism. We intend to expose as many youths as possible to these visible facts even as we bond their spirit together in love through tourism.


An annual event organised by J-AMB Foundation, Nigeria.This concept includes praise and worship performances like never before. Several vocalists representing various tribes in Nigeria would take turns in leading worshipers to the throne room as music remains the chariot of conveyance to the HOLIES of HOLIES. In each musical ministration, the vocalist would be accompanied by Spirit-filled instrumentalists (1 Samuel 16:23).